February 12, 2015 God’s coffee cup by Dan Brudnak

You might say that I was born on the road. Men and women would walk on me and I would support them. Then God took me from the road and transformed me into what I am now. He made me into a beautiful coffee cup from the dust and clay. We would spend time together every day, and every day He would ask me if I wanted Him to fill me up, and of course I agreed. He explained to me that He was the one who created everything that ever was or ever would be. He created it with his Word. He also said He WAS the Word, but I could call Him God, or Father, or Abba, or Daddy, because He loved me very much. All I could see or hear or concentrate on was God at that time. He was so clear to me and He was all I needed. He would fill me up and I was so happy. He told me that the reason He asked me each day if I would agree to let Him fill me was that He had given to me His gift of choice. He would never take away any gift He had given.

The gift of allowing me to choose would always be mine. He also told me about His laws. The only one that I needed to know was that He should be the only one to fill me.

I was His cup, made out of the road and I was precious to Him.

I asked him why I was precious to Him and he said ”

I am God, the Word, I am one in and of myself. There is no other like me. However, I am also in community with Myself. I do not need my creatures to keep me from being alone or lonely. I am the Creator, the Word and the Spirit, and we are ONE God. I know this is hard to understand. Just remember this always: the reason for creation was simply because I had so much love and joy that it overflowed, and that overflow became you, my created beings of all kinds, and I was delighted. That is why you are so precious! ALL OF YOU! ”

One day on the table while I was waiting for God, I heard a voice ask me, “Where is God?” ” Is he not here with you?”

“Maybe he has found another cup He likes better and is going to crush you back into dust and make you a part of the road again.”

I said surely not. He…emphasizing the reverence and love I felt, God and for some reason this voice, was smothered with obvious contempt for Him…. I said, “He is everything to me. He is all I perceive and He fills me every day and cares for my every need. I need nothing else, and really, there is nothing else.”

“What does He fill you with?” said the voice.

“I don’t know,” I replied.

The voice came back, “Could He be making poison within you or getting you ready to become part of the road again? It’s possible.”

“No! He would not! He is all I perceive, and He fills me every day with everything I need.”

Again the voice came back, “Where does the stuff that He fills you with disappear to, and why does He need to fill you every day?

“I don’t know, He fills me every day and gives me everything I need. There is nothing else!”

Oh really, nothing else?

Nothing but HIM.

The voice sneered, “Maybe you have a leak and are spilling. WHATEVER IT IS, is out and staining His table. Maybe that is why he…oh excuse me…why He is not here now.”

I don’t know that I am spilling, I don’t know where He is right now, all I know is….”

“Yeah, yeah, I know what you are going to say, the voice cut off the cup.” He fills you every day, and he gives you everything you need, and all you perceive is Him. Yeah, yeah, fooey!”

He does!

“and you leak,” said the voice

..no I don’t….I think…

and you are ruining his table.

HIS table

” okay you are ruining His table” Quipped the voice

That’s right. said the cup.

“Oh, so now you admit that you are leaking, ruining His…His table, He is looking for another coffee cup and is about to put you back into the road, and you will never see Him again, right?,” The voice chimed triumphantly.

no… I don’t think so.

“You don’t think so?…You don’t think period. You are just a deaf, dumb, leaky coffee cup from the road and will soon be dust again,” the voice screamed.


“Well what are you going to do about it?” cooed the voice.

He will fill me and care for me…

“Yeah, by filling the road with your dust,” interrupted the voice. “In fact, I think I even see some dust inside you now. How disgusting. You have dust inside you from the road… from the road! I guess you will be all dust soon, road dust at that, so it doesn’t really matter….of course, if you ask me,… I can help you. Do you want me to help you?”

You would help me?

“Sure,” cheered the voice.

How would you help me?

In a very quick pace of speaking, the voice shot out “How would you like to see, hear, feel and think? That way you could fill yourself. You know, you could even move around so you would not have to wait on anybody to fill you. On top of that, you could fix anything that was wrong with you…and that, in itself, would keep you very, very busy. Did you even know that your handle is on the wrong side?”

I don’t understand.

“Of course you don’t!” the voice screamed. “You can’t think, you are empty, blind, deaf and dumb…and even more stupid than I thought possible. You need my help quick. I could fill you today, wash that disgusting dust out of you and fix your leak. I could give you a potion where you would see, hear, and know everything. You would even be able to walk around and not have to wait here all the time to be filled. You could even fill yourself ! Look at you! Like I said before, even your handle is on the wrong side, I would fix that too. How can you fill yourself unless the handle is on the inside? How silly to have a coffee cup with the handle on the outside! If it’s on the outside only, someone else can fill you and you can’t do anything for yourself. Self-reliance my friend! Think about it. It only makes sense….oh wait, you can’t think…or see…or hear…. or walk. Alas, I guess it’s back to the road for you,” the voice finished in a sad and pathetic tone.


Absolutely. That is unless I help you. You have to ask me to help you.

Yes Please!

“Say it!……..Now!”

The coffee cup was filled by the voice and started to walk. The cup had not ever seen anything but God before. That had always been enough. The voice was very confusing most of the time, but the cup really did not want to be dust and go back to being walked on and supporting people on the road, so it listened to the voice. The more it listened to the voice, the less it thought about God. God had been all it ever cared about before, but with the voice, now God somehow got pushed to the background and forgotten. “Now, isn’t that better?” said the voice. “This is the real world that you are seeing for the first time. I bet you’ve never seen anything like this before.”

I’ve never seen anything but God before.

“You are no longer a slave! Do you hear all the marvelous sounds? I bet you never imagined anything like this. This is the world!”

I’ve never heard anything but God before…What is this empty feeling? I never felt that before either, or this dizziness.

“Oh that’s just hunger.” said the voice. “You’ll get used to it. It goes away when you fill yourself up.”

The cup got up and started to go get something to fill it up, but tripped and fell off the table.

“Now look at what you have done you stupid little cup!” said the voice. “You will never be worth anything. I don’t even know why I help you. You need me too much.”

God never said anything like that and when I fill myself up, it does not seem as full or as nice as when God did it.

This was the first time the cup had thought about God since being filled by the voice.

God was there instantly.

He called out for the cup because He did not see it on the table. The cup was so embarrassed about being broken that it hid from God, until God found the cup shattered on the ground under the table.

God was crying because he was so concerned about the cup, when he saw the cup had fallen. He scooped the cup up in His arms. He asked the cup, “Why have you done this, my Precious love?”

The cup answered, “I was afraid you would send me back to be dust in the road, because I am ugly, deaf, dumb, and stupid, too stupid to fill myself up because my handle is on the wrong side…and, on top of all that, I leak all over your table.”

God asked the cup, “Who told you all this?!”

The cup started to explain about the voice and what it had told the cup.

“I notice that the voice has disappeared.” said God. “I know this creature. I made him as well as I made you. You are both my creatures. Remember, I made all things. I gave both you and it the ability to choose what you want. Gifts like this right to choose that I give to you are given out of love, I will never take them back. Remember how I told you this before?” God continued, “So from what I understand now, you would rather fill yourself up, or try to get the voice to fill you up, rather than to let me do it.”

The cup cried out in a loud voice, “Nooo, I just did not want to be sent back to the road to be walked on…”

“On the road, you supported people” said God. “Supporting people is very necessary and good. I made the road and the people and all things. I made all things good and all things precious. I took you from the road because I had another purpose for you. That purpose is no less valuable than your own. Please remember that. Your purpose was for you to be filled by me to support people in another way. Both ways are precious to me. I know you do not understand, but that is not your purpose. I will fill you if you choose to stay mine.”

“But the voice said,” interrupted the cup, “that I was ugly and stupid, to stupid to fill myself up, and that I leaked all over your table, and you were mad and were going to replace me”…and the cup trailed off.

God replied, “Do you remember the law I told you about, that you were to be only filled by me because you belong to me?” God asked” Did you not feel loved and complete when I filled you? Did I not explain that you are precious to me. You belonged to me because I made you, and I cherish you even now.”

The cup whimpered, “Uh huh….”

God continued, “You have chosen to let another fill you other than Me, so you have been conquered by who you chose. Do you know what conquered is? It is when someone has won you in a battle and now you are a slave. You were never my slave because I gave you a choice. Now you have chosen to be a slave.”

“But the voice said I was a slave before.” The cup started to protest, then trailed off.

“The voice also said you leaked and you did not. The voice lies and now you belong to the voice, and it will lie to you always,” God reproached.

“But…but…,” stammered the cup.

“Do not be worried. I have not forsaken you as the voice has just done. I have already won you back. The price was more than you could ever pay, but I can pay it and will do so because you are so precious to me. I have become a cup.

“So you are like me now?” asked the cup

I have chosen to become like you in every way but the slavery. I am a perfect cup, and I still belong to the Word…not the voice as you do. Remember that I am God, the Word, and the Creator of all things. I still belong to myself. The price for you to belong to Me again is for Me to be smashed to pieces and trampled on the road in your place.

But who will smash you?

“You and the voice will smash me,” said God gravely.

No ! No! I don’t want to smash you.”

If I do not get smashed, trampled on the road and die, you will always belong to the voice. I will be smashed and die, but I will rise again after much suffering. It is the price to buy you back from the one you chose to fill you instead of me.

But I choose you now!

Remember the law I told you.

But, but…

Remember that I never take back any gift I have given.

But, but…

You are broken, but I am a perfect cup and have not been damaged in any way…until you and the voice smash me to pieces. This suffering is the only price that can bring you back to me.

But I don’t want to smash you, I love you!

There are many things you do not understand. Only understand that I will never change, I will never take back what I have given, I will always be honest and true…to EVERY ONE OF MY CREATIONS.

The price for me is very great, but I pay it joyfully. My suffering is Joy.

You may choose me when I have bought your freedom, but by choosing me while you are still in the world of the voice, you will suffer too. The voice will tell you that all I say is nonsense, and it will seem like nonsense. Suffering is Joy when it is to choose me. You do not suffer alone. I have suffered far more than you could even imagine, and it is all joy to me to free you from your slavery.

God continued, “You still have choice and always will. My gifts I will never take away, and no one but me would even be able to try to take them away.

God said “Remember before I asked… you… if you would be filled by Me. Then, when you sought to fill yourself or to be filled by another, you therefore rejected me. In your imperfect understanding, and at the beckoning of the voice, you doubted that I would not be enough or that I would reject you. The Word will never abandon you. The voice just did. The Word will never leave you empty. The Word is overflowing and longs to fill you up. The voice is empty because it has separated from the Word. I, the Word, made all creatures including the voice. The voice is empty because it has turned away from Me, and will not be filled by Me. It lures other creatures into fear and doubt so the voice can feed on those other creatures like it did with you. It is a useless effort to fill itself. The voice will never be able to fill itself without Me, but it rejects me and now lives in constant hunger. It has separated from the Word that has made all things.

Now when you are free again, you must ask Me to fill you. You are now broken, leaky, malformed, and you belong to the voice who has abandoned you. The voice has possession of you, as is the legal right of the voice since you asked it first to fill you. You never had to ask Me to fill you before because I always asked you if you would allow Me to fill you. I have paid the great price for your freedom. For you to be Mine again, you must choose Me. You were Mine first because I made you. You belong to the voice because he conquered you. I gave you the choice, and you were allowed to choose to be conquered. I created the voice as well, for I am the Word. I will not take back what I have given, whether it be my laws as used by the voice or your freedom of choice. To be mine again I must buy your freedom. Then you must choose me instead of anything or anyone else to fill you.

You are now truly leaky. You were not leaky when the voice told you so with the lies of the voice. In your present state I cannot completely fill you, but you must continue to ask for my Grace…that is the “WHATEVER” I was filing you with every day, referred to by the voice in your earlier conversation. You cannot fill yourself and especially, you cannot fill yourself with My Grace. I am the only one who can do that. If you continue to ask for my Grace daily, it will start healing you. It will require suffering to remove the handle from the inside of the cup, and restore it to where it should be so that I can fill you completely. I have died and risen again to pay for your breaking of the law. That was the Great Price. My suffering and death was the price to have you back. I became a cup. Yes, I became a cup like you, but I was not broken. Then you and the voice shattered me to pieces. I willingly died for your sake and my suffering was joy. The voice is still with you and is telling you to kill me again and again. The voice is telling you that what I say is nonsense, that you do not have to suffer, and that suffering is not joy. The Word is greater than the voice and has conquered the voice like the voice conquered you. I already have paid the price, and now you must ask me, as you asked the voice, do you want me to fill you? You must say it.” Do you want me to fill you… You must say it.














THE ABYSS BY DAN BRUDNAK 11/11/2018  chapter 2

Cup, I have a mission for you if you choose to accept it, just like in Mission Impossible.

What is Mission Impossible?

Its an old tv show….

What is a tv show?

never mind

is this an impossible mission?

maybe maybe not, its not for you to know anyway.  you do need to know that I want you to do this and that I  am always with you.  With me, nothing is impossible .

What do you want me to do?

The Voice has been conquered and imprisoned  in the abyss as was foretold by the Apostle John.   As you know, I created The Voice just as I created you and Mankind. So, he is also my son. He has fallen away from me for his own reasons.  I choose you to be the vessel to carry my offer of Grace to him.  You are a very good vessel. I made you.  I know you better than you know yourself. I gave you choice just as I gave choice to mankind and to The Voice.   I will never take away any of my gifts to whomever I have given them.  The Voice has chosen to distance himself from me.  I want to give him  way to come back.  Will you be the vessel to carry the  gift Grace and the offer of forgiveness to Lucifer, the first created creature?  He hates me.  He hates you because you have my Grace. He may hate the very Grace you are offering him through me.  By the way, Grace is what I fill you up with every day.  Also, by the way, you are leaking much less. Congratulations.  Your handle is coming outside very nicely.  It may be complete soon.  Good job.

The Voice has the choice to accept my gift as you did, or to refuse it.  He is imprisoned for 1000 years in the Abyss.  In a  thousand years he will be released.  If he does not accept this gift, he will continue to declare war on Me.  He will loose the war and then be thrown into the burning sulfur lake, the second death.  I could fill you up again today.  Will you carry this grace and offer it to Lucifer?

Who is Lucifer?

He is Satan.

Who is Satan?

He is Lucifer when he turned from me and turned to lies.  He is the Voice.

Oh!  now I get it.

Cup, I love you more than you can imagine.  Do you love me?


feed my sheep…….

What?  What sheep.

Oh its just what I said to Peter before I left the earth.  It means care for what I care for.  I know Lucifer is a lost cause.  He hates me so much he would rather die than accept anything from me, but I want him to have this one last chance. You are the chosen one for this mission.   Do you accept?

Absolutely, what you care for I care for!  Would you please fill me up again?  I am ready!

Satan is sitting inside the gates of the abyss that has bound him.  His horrible screams are more terrifying than has ever been heard on earth before.  All sorts of creatures are fleeing away form the shrieks. Cup, too, is shaken by these screams but he continues upstream on his mission.

He reaches the barred entrance to the abyss and Lucifer is sitting just on the other side of the bars as he glances at Cup.  His eyes are glowing red and green and have the slanted pupils of a cat’s eye and his glance nearly makes Cup faint.

Well now, coos Lucifer,  who do we have here, my leaky coffee cup?!  Do you want me to fill you again?  Lucifer laughs and snears.   I have many things to offer you, you poor pathetic porcelain idiot.   I have fear…. He streaks again and Cup trembles but  does not say a word.  Maybe anger…. and suddenly Cup remembers how The Voice  tricked him and stole his happiness but cup prays for strength and the Grace within him helps this to pass him by too.  Surely you feel remorse…. cup all the sudden gets very sad and starts crying because he remembers God became a crushed coffee cup on the road for him, but he hears God consoling him and reassuring him he is loved.

What the heck?? You have gotten tougher or smarter or something.  Look, your handle is starting to return to the outside.  What’s going on and why are you here idiot cup.

God sent me….

Another shriek worse than the first springs out of Satan.  He looks horrifying and horrible .  He holds his head and shrieks again saying “DO NOT SAY THAT NAME!!!  NEVER SAY THAT NAME!!!!”

What  name?

I will not say it either, FOOL!

Well, He sent me here with a gift for you, the same gift he gave Mankind and me.  I have it in my cup.  It is  His Grace and forgiveness.

Another shriek.  He has sent that to give me more PAIN!!  He knows how that burns me, how I loathe him!!!  this is hitting below the belt!!  but he has always been UNFAIR!!!!.

He is not unfair!

Oh but he is.  The world should be MINE!!!!

But God…

Another shriek of pain

… But He made the world.  In fact, He made YOU!!

But!  He gave the world to Mankind and then Mankind gave it to me.   Now he is always….



He! … or do you want me to say His name again!

Really?!  are we going through this again?!…. Okay, He.

He is always going on and on about how he will never take back any of h…His gifts but what does He do but just what he said he would never do.  UNFAIR!!!!!!  He took the world from me!

He did not take back a gift.  He bought it from you.  AND! it was  a very high price too.  If you really look closely at it, it was more like  a ransom rather than a purchase.

Whatever… he…He is still unfair as far as I am concerned.

Well speaking of that,  He has offered you this gift I am carrying in my cup.

What is it, poison to end my misery?

no, it is a cup of his forgiveness and Grace.  He is giving you a chance to start over and have happiness with Him forever!

Well that is the problem isn’t it though.  I can’t have happiness and Him at the same time.

no really,  it is wonderful!  you will be so happy and fulfilled.

Fulfilled?  I was fulfilled when I had the world.  I had it just the way I wanted it.  I told those dirty human vermin anything I wanted and they believed me.  Ha!  I had three favorite lies and they were so well accepted that nearly all the vermin were completely taken in.

What lies?

I’m glad you asked that my boy…. cup.  the first one was that there is not enough.

there is not enough?  not enough of what?

that’s the best part of it!  it doesn’t matter!  Just so long as the silly vermin feel there is not enough of … something.  Now most of them feel this deep down and believe it is the absolute truth.


  1. But G… He always provides all we need. Remember that He fed thousands of people with just a few fish and loaves of bread…. He did it twice!

Yeah, well that is neither here nor there.  Everyone believes me  now.

Now, that leads perfectly into the second lie:  It is Us against Them.   Since there is not enough, we must protect what is ours… from Them!   Most of the time they do not even know who “Them “ is.  And surely they forget they are all related and all basically the same!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha  it is hilarious.

Usually this Us vs Them mentality makes the vermin fight each other over things that they really didn’t even want in the first place…. HaHaHa!!!!!   Sometimes I make them believe they are killing each other in the name of G… Him.

And it is so fun lying to those idiots!

…Like you lied to me?…

…Well … uhm… sorry about that…. NOT!!!! YES IT WAS FUN LYING TO YOU!!!! I HATE YOU!!  I HATE THE HUMAN VERMIN!!!! AND MOST OF ALL I HATE GOD!!!!!! NOW GO AWAY!!!!

but He said that if you did not accept this gift, you would …. die.

Oh he did did he.  what did he say would happen?

Well, he said after a thousand years you would be released and then you would wage war with Him and loose and then be thrown into the burning sulfur lake that they call the second death.

Oooh, did he…. maybe he thinks he is going to lose that war and he will be the one thrown into that sulfur lake.  Then I would rule all creation.   You know I out rank all created creatures.  I was made first and best!

what happened?

well I told him about several things I would do differently and he disagreed so i told him how I would do a much better job.  he said oh really?  well I could make that dust under your feet more powerful than you.

what happened then.

YOU!!!!   well you are made of dust…. and Mankind is made of dust…. and you both have this grace stuff which makes you very hard for me to hold on to you.  If I get you to forget about him, I can manipulate you but when you are with him …… oh shut up…   my third lie took care of most of that problem, anyway.

what was that

the lie about Absolute Polarity.


Well I will test you because I bet you know this and believe this lie as an absolute truth.


first what is the opposite of light


and of noise


and of heat


and of good


and of ….Him


Ha!  I have you like cement has a post.  you got each answer correct and all of your answers were false, fiction, ridiculous fantasies!!!  HaHaHaHa!!!!

what do you mean.

well I do not believe my own lies so I will tell you so you will know who really should be in charge…..

darkness is only the absence of light and though I love the darkness because it hides the things I do, a little light destroys any darkness.

the same with silence and sound

the same with cold and heat.

you can get absolute dark, silent, and cold, but you cannot get absolve bright, hot, or loud.

evil is the absence of Him and good is his presence.

and even though it is true He made me….  I WILL DEFEAT HIM!!!!!!

I thought you didn’t believe your own lies.

…. well… that’s not a lie……i will win….I will win….I Will Win….I WILL WIN!!!!!

But didn’t Michael beat you when he  kicked you out of heaven?

He did not kick me out.  I told you I couldn’t stand the sight of Him anymore so I removed myself of my own accord.

really?  do you really believe that?


and Satan shrieked again. It sent waves of terror through Cup.

Well, I’m not behind bars for one thing, for another, I cannot make any judgment on you since that is reserved for GOD….

another shriek

and He  has offered you  a way out of your predicament that seems very generous to a ceramic Cretan like me.  The offer still holds and the gift of grace is in my cup and it is yours if you want it.

Satan got quiet.  he acted like he was sad and began to cry softly.  Cup came close to the bars and offered the stunted handle of his cup on the outside to Satan.

Just then Satan grabbed cup, spilled everything inside him and smashed him against the bars!

cup was in shards and pieces and Satan was laughing. I HAVE WON!!! I WILL WIN AGAIN!!!!

I knew I was more powerful.  He will let me out in a thousand years and I will defeat him in war.

He knows I will win and so he offers  a truce.  mercy is for the weak.  I will triumph!  I need no forgiveness .  if Sin is separation from God ( spitting)  that is what I crave!  If evil is absence of good , darkness the absence of light, cold the absence of warmth,I shun all goodness, light, warmth.

I will never serve Him!  I will reign in my own realm.    If heaven is where God is and Hell is where God is not I will reign in Hell and never serve in Heaven.  I have WON!

but just as  Satan started his victory dance, he saw coming out of the sky a huge perfect city.  An entire City!  and the sun was gone. and the earth was gone and all that remained was the new jerusalem and the abyss….except…. he saw the shards if Cup.  they reassembled and Cup was new like when Satan first saw him.  Satan tried to jeer at him but Cup could not hear him or see him because of the light and th music coming from the new city of God.  No matter how loud Satan wailed, it had no effect and cup quietly and happily returned to Gods table in the new city for the next thousand years.  Satan was in pain from the light and th music of the city and tried to drown it out with the shrieks that once terrified anyone who heard them but now they were whispers at best and the singing continued.

Satan planned  how he would wage war after his thousand year sentence was up.
















Chapter three, Ice Cream.

What’s a Grail?

You’re a Grail… in fact, you are the Holy Grail because you carry My Grace to those to whom I send you.

Like Lucifer?… but I failed there.

You did not fail.  What have I given you that I will never take away?

Your Love.

Well yes that is certain,  but what other gift?

My right to choose?

Right and have I given this to anyone else?

Yes, to Mankind and to Lucifer, right?

Yes, but you cannot know the totality of my generosity so you may not ever meet all those I have blessed.

You were sent to offer My Grace to Lucifer and you did it even though you were scared and got injured in the process.  You were a great success and I am proud of you.

In fact, I want you to offer  My Grace to more lost sheep.

You gave sheep the gift of choice?

I actually was referring to other members of Mankind.  That is how I referred to them while I was on Earth.

Many will not know what it is you are offering to them.  We can call it Ice Cream for now.


My Grace is like Ice Cream.


Yes.  here is the example.  Children often do not do their home work.  Parents  offer to take them for Ice Cream if they do do their home work..

They have do do home work? Yuck!

No, the parents offer Ice Cream if the kids do their homework.

Oh, does it work?

Not always, so they offer Ice Cream if they just try to do their homework.

Does that work?

Not really…

So why offer Ice Cream?

You refused Ice Cream once, remember?

I wish I could forget

I don’t want you to forget.  This is  because it will help you when you are offering My Ice Cream to Mankind.

Remember what I had to do for you to finally be able to share My Grace, My Ice Cream?

Cup starts to cry and God comforts him.

I did your homework.  I became a cup, but I was a perfect cup.  Then you and the voice smashed me on the road.  That is how I bought your freedom.

Now you give me Ice Cream every day Cup sobbed.

And I send you to those who need Me to offer them Ice Cream since… I have done their homework too.

Six times I made a covenant with Mankind and six times they were not able to fulfill that which they agreed to do.  Adam, Noah, Abraham, Jacob/Isreal, Moses, David and none of them were able to do their homework so I became a Man, the Son of Man, and I did My part, God’s part, in Heaven and came down to Earth as a Man and did Man’s part on Earth.  I did this to fulfill the covenant between Man and God.

What’s a covenant?

Its home work.  Its an agreement between two parties.

I like parties…. especially with Ice Cream.

The parties I refer to are groups of individuals not like the fun festival parties you are thinking of and, yes I like parties too so when we offer Ice Cream to  EVERYONE we will have the very best party ever and  for ever and ever….but for now please try to pay attention.

When is the party?

WE will decide.  It is not for anyone to know except My Father.

But you are God.

Yes, I am one with My Father and the Paraclete and all three of us are speaking to you right now.

I did not know parakeets could talk.  I thought it was only parrots.

No, Paraclete…. and please don’t say a pair of cleats… Paraclete is a name for the Holy Spirit that I sent to be IN Mankind.   I was WITH Mankind and My Father was Over Mankind.

We are all one so at the same time WE are ALL in Mankind, with mankind and over Mankind. … But that may be too much for you today.

I am …. oh, by the way, that is one of My names as well, I AM.  in Hebrew it is Yahweh.  Yahweh means I am.

Really?  How confusing, I AM.  I think I would rather just call you God.

Cute, well, as I was saying, I am so proud of you Cup for doing your mission.  I have more missions for you, should you choose to accept them.…

Mission Impossible right?


The TV show right?


I still don’t know what a TV show is….

Cup, pay attention.

When EVERYBODY has been offered Ice Cream, we can then have our party.













Chapter 4  What is Metaphysics?


Yes Cup.

I remember when the voice first  tricked me into being filled by him.


The experience of seeing ….what he called …. the  “Real World.”   It was so different.  I continued to see things that way until the New Jerusalem came down and I was reassembled and got healed.  I don’t understand what happened.  Why were things so different, so chaotic and scary?

Well Cup, when you were broken you were no longer able to occupy Eternity.


If you stayed in Eternity in that broken state, you would stay broken for all Eternity.  You had to be sent to the land of time and space, or as C.S. Lewis called it, the Shadow Lands until I could heal you.

I don’t get it.  I thought Eternity was  just forever and ever.  You know, Time without end.

Well, Eternity is forever and ever but  time  has an ending.  Time had a starting point  so time must also end.  There is an end to time but not an end to Eternity.

I know you healed me by giving me your Grace and paid for  my release from the tyranny of the Voice by becoming a cup yourself and having me and the Voice smash you right?  So now am I back in Eternity with you?

Not exactly, but the next best thing… When time ends you will be in Eternity but now I have  helped you to live only in the Present, where  time touches Eternity.  You still need to grow some more.

Oh, and I have to do that in the land of time?


Because in Eternity nothing can be changed?


Thank you for saving me.

I love you Cup.

I bet it hurt…  you know…. I am sorry.… I bet you hate me for that.

For what?

For  being bad….

Cup!  The reason I did  all that was because of how much I LOVED you.  Don’t you understand that?

…well… I’m so ashamed.  I can’t imagine what you went through…..

Cup, do you remember how I said the price was paid and the Joy  We, the Father, Son, and Paraclete…

I remember the parakeet…..


sorry, the Paraclete..  Thank you God.  I love you too.  I’m just not very good at it.

You will learn…. from Me.  We, Father, Son and …

Paraclete…. that means Holy Spirit right?

Right.  We  paid the price  GLADLY just to get you back.  We don’t want you to get lost again so we are protecting you with our Grace.  Because of the price Jesus paid, all your sins present past and future are  ALL FORGOTTEN!


Yes Cup.

Can you do anything?


Then how can you forget anything?

Because I can do that as well.

Cup said “Do what?”

God said ” I forgot…..”  and they both laughed a little.

But the Voice said  you couldn’t make a boulder so heavy you could not lift it.

But I did.

REALLY?  Where is it?!

You are it.  Mankind is it as well.  The voice is it as well.

How is that possible?

Cup, did I give you a gift?


did I also give the same gift to Mankind and the Voice?


What was that gift?

Your Love.

What else.


Right.  And, would I ever take away a gift I have given to you?

…no.  but I used it poorly and I was broken  when I used it in a way you did not intend me to use it and it  caused you to get.….

Cup, be still.  I have forgotten that.



Cup says again What….. Oh!!!  You have forgotten that.

Forgotten what.

Yes, now I understand… not really but  I kinda get it.

Don’t worry Cup.  Just remember that I do not take back my gifts, I love you and will always be your Savior.

…yes… but you said you  made a boulder too heavy for you to lift….

In a way I did.  I gave you choice and will never take it away so I cannot make you do anything you do not choose.  It is the same for Mankind and the Voice.

I am really lost now…

That’s the point, Cup.  You are no longer lost and I did not break a promise or take back a gift nor did I compromise Justice  in the name of Mercy.  I am the Lord of both Justice and Mercy.  I AM.   and you are the boulder I cannot lift unless you choose Me.

Just like you forget my sins, right?


And you said you had to send me to the shadow lands, the land of time, to do all this right?

Yes, because if you stayed in the paradise of Eternity, you could not change, you could not heal.

I still don’t understand the difference between  never ending time and eternity.

Well Cup, first off, never ending time does not exist.


Time is a part of Eternity but Eternity is not a part of time. Eternity contains all time.  Just like an orange is a part of the group  of the things called  fruit but all fruit are not oranges, just some of them.   Eternity includes time but time is too small to include Eternity.. In Eternity you can see all moments all at once.

So where are You?

I’m in Eternity.  I am everywhere and at every time.  That is why I Told Moses to call me I AM… which by the way in  Hebrew is Yahweh.

So, where am I?

You are still in time until time ends and then you will enter eternity with Me.

I thought I was with you now.  So why does it seem like we are in the same place now.?

When the New Jerusalem came down and you were healed, you were able to live in the present all the time.  In the Shadow Lands you  bounced from present to past to future.  Now due to my Grace you can be here in Eternity because you stay in the present.  The present is where Eternity touches time

Why?…. How?… What?

Do you see that pencil laying on My Table?


only a part of it touches my table right?


that is how the present touches eternity.  eternity is my table and the pencil is the land of time.  If you roll the pencil along the table…..

It moves like time right?!

Right.  but the table never moves.  the  part of the pencil touching the table has the connection and the rest of the pencil does not.  the part behind the direction of the rolling pencil is the past and the part infront is the future but neither have a connection to the reality of the table, to the reality of Eternity.  Cup I think you are getting sharper….

Like the Pencil?


and you are my pencil sharpener….


Why does time move?

Well Jesus made it that way.  Remember Him in Genesis?

….I can’t read….

well let me explain.  Because in  the land of Time and space, the “Real World” as the Voice called it, everything is always moving and changing and nothing really IS.  That means everything is always becoming something else.  Things grow and change constantly in the land of time and space.  Things are either getting better or getting worse in the “real world” ,but in Eternity, where I am, there is no time or space.  It is all one moment. Everything is ALWAYS  and everywhere is HERE.  That is why I can be everywhere at all times.

But I thought Eternity was never ending time…. forever and ever….

Cup! we covered that already!  Are you listening?


Very funny.

I’ll tell you again.  Some would think of Eternity as never ending time, but everything that starts must end.  If time started, it has to end as well.  Eternity is like Me, it always was, it always is and it always will be.   I didn’t want you to be broken for all Eternity so I sent you to the Shadow Lands so that I could heal you.

Oh yeah, I remember now.

In the land of time and space, everything is in constant motion.  I never change and never move, as you already know.  I am Eternal.  I did not want you to be broken for all Eternity

But I thought Eternity was  forever and ever.

I know that is what you thought, Cup, but it is different from that.  Let me explain again, Eternity IS forever and ever but it is not endless time, it is all time all at once.   I know you have a hard time understanding this because you can only see things through the lens of time.  And that is one moment after the next always, but  Eternity is not like that.  Time  is just a way you can kind of understand what is around you.  It could almost be like seeing a painting and it being an entire movie all at once. That is the difference between Time and Eternity.  Eternity is the movie in the painting and time is the lens that lets you see that small part of that painting one part at a time.


Yes Cup.

What’s a lens?

It is like a microscope or a telescope.  It is a device that lets you see things you could not normally see.

What can’t I see?

You can’t see Eternity… except that you get a small look at it in the present.  like looking through a lens or looking through a hole in a fence.

But I see you right now and you say I am not in Eternity but You are in Eternity.

Right.  You are constantly in the present because I am helping you to stay focused on just the present and not the past or future.  That is why you see me so well.  With my help, since you asked me to fill you up,  you no longer  concentrate on the past and don’t worry about the future.  You have been remade.  That is one of my gifts to you.  It will be even better when you enter Eternity.

Thank you, God.  I feel much better this way than when I was living in the past or future.  I like living in the present with You.  ….. but if I am in time, why can I see you and talk to you?

Cup, I just told you.  Eternity only touches Time in the PRESENT.  When you were in the Shadow Lands you could be with Me only in the present but you chose to live in the future, in anticipation, or in the  past, in regret.  I am not there.  I am in Eternity that only touches time in the present.

But  are you saying that I should not  have anticipation or remember the past?  I don’t think I could stop anticipating things or remembering things.  That would be hard.

No, I am saying you should live in the present with me, like you are now doing.  Anticipation is for preparing for the present tasks…

Like my mission impossible tv show missions …if I choose to accept it… right?


I still don’t know what a tv show is…. I guess that’s alright…

Anyway, Cup, The present is where Eternity touches  the land of time.  Time is sequential,  that means one moment after another.  Eternity is all moments at once and all locations at once.  I am “The Eternal” so I am everywhere always.  The land of time is so small compared to Eternity.

But the universe  is so big.

Not even a drop compared to the ocean of Eternity, Cup.

I don’t understand.

Well let me show you some things.  This may get technical, but I will explain.

Man had a rule  that he broke like you did.  He was not supposed to eat from the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil.   He could eat of all the other trees including the tree of Everlasting Life, but when the Voice tricked him much the same way he tricked you, We had to protect him from eating of the tree of everlasting life or he would be broken all Eternity.  I sent him away from Eternity into the land of time, the Shadow Lands,  until I could heal him.  I had a plan already.

Jesus right?

Right you are.  Jesus, I/We,  came to the rescue.


Yes Cup.

I have a joke.  You wanna hear it?

Go ahead, Cup.

Well, Present, Past and Future all walk into a bar….. It was tense!

Very good Cup.


Yes God?

Do you remember what we were talking about?

Jesus…. The answer is always Jesus right?…  I have another  joke.  A sunday school teacher was  asking the kids: “What is small, furry, has a fluffy tail and walks on power lines?”  and a boy answered: Teacher, I know the answer is supposed to be Jesus, but it sure sounds like a squirrel.”

Okay Cup, are you done yet?

Yes God.

Do you remember what we were talking about?

Jesus?…. or was it a squirrel…..  just kidding.  Cup snickers a little

God smiles and chuckles a little too.

Yes.   Jesus is the answer to the world.

Cup says: yeah, He’s cool.

Jesus became Man and paid the price/ransom to the Voice for Man’s sins and so I/We reclaimed him…   Cup, I hope I am not confusing you when I use “We” and “I”  to mean Me/Us.  You remember that when I say “We” you can use it the same as when I say “I” right?

Because You are God the father, over us, Immanuel, the God with us and the Parakeet, the God in us right?

Close, its Paraclete not Parakeet, Cup.  Please try to remember that or call the part of God that is in you the Holy Spirit, okay?

Yes God, but you are all one God right?

Yes Cup.

So who is in charge?

What do you mean? Are you asking if there is a hierarchy in the Trinity of God?

Whats a high archway?

Hierarchy, Cup.  Its an artificial thing that Man created to deal with his brokenness.  I/We don’t need it and I think it is kind of silly most of the time.  It is a way to force members of a community to do what is right and to do what is best for the community.

That sounds like a good thing….People need to do the right thing.

It is just a tool for a community that is broken.  Remember that the way it will be after time is over will be like in the New Jerusalem, One God and one people.  That is all that is needed.  We all choose each other over choosing ourselves.  We care more for the others than we do for ourselves.  We don’t need your high archway?

High Archway?  did I get it right?!!!

No Cup, I was teasing you.



Yes God…..  wait a minute.  We usually say this the other way around.  I say God? and you say Yes Cup…..

Cup, I Love you more than you could possibly know and there is nothing that will ever change that.

Thank you God for filling me up…. like you just did.

Do you remember what we were talking about?



When you/y’all bought back Man from the voice?

Yes, and do you know the other names for the Voice?


The Voice was Lucifer, which means light bearer.  Didn’t I tell you this before?

I forgot….

Man did not call the Voice the Voice.  He saw Lucifer, who had become Satan when he rejected me because he wanted to be me.  Its kinda like he changed his song from How Great Thou Art to I Gotta Be Me.


Well How Great Thou Art is a hymn about Me….

Is your real name Art?


Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Milton wrote about this when he quoted Satan saying that he would rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.  That is when Lucifer became Satan.

But I like to serve, it feels good to help.  Its like I’m a part of the community with you/y’all, God.

I/We think you can just use the singular form for Me/Us now.  I think you understand.

Ok, Thank you, God.

I know you have felt the satisfaction of being a part of Our seamless community of One God and one people, but Satan is still broken as you once were.  You saw him when you tried to give him My Grace.

He was scary. Told him he would feel better…..but he smashed me and dumped you Grace on the ground. He was real scary!

Yes.  Fear is one of his tools along with lies and false pride and many other things.   Man saw the Voice/Satan as a serpent in the Garden of Eden.  As the Serpent, he was not like the snakes on Earth now.  Satan had arms and legs.  After he tricked Man and stole his gifts, I cursed the serpent and took away his arms and legs.  I made him crawl on his belly and eat dust and strike at Mans heel while Man stomped on the serpents head.

The Serpent stole everything from Man except my love and my gift of choice.

I had  given Man the gift of choice, but I also gave him dominion over all the Earth.  When Man fell like you did, Cup, he lost dominion over all the Earth to the serpent.  The serpents ruled the Earth for a long time.  They were called “dinosaurs” which means serpents.  There are a few serpents left today on Earth with arms and legs like the alligator and other lizards.

What is dominion?

It is  to be able to rule over something like a King, like I designed Man to rule the Earth.  It is where Man got confused  and created his High archway… sorry Cup, hierarchy.

Right.  And its Paraclete not Parakeet.   So, where are the dinosaurs now?

They are mostly oil and gasoline to fuel cars or plastic to make things out of.  It seems that in a way, they are still ruling the Earth by controlling Governments and financial systems.


Well Most of the powerful governments base much of their attention and power on controlling Gas and Oil.  Therefore Gas and Oil are in a way still ruling the Earth.


You see, another form Satan took was “The Prince of the Air.”  That is that he embodied all principalities and governments.  St. Paul spoke about this, that Man’s battle was not with flesh and blood but with principalities.  When Jesus bought back Man’s gifts and even bought back Man himself, it was destined that all governments and principalities would be conquered by Jesus, the Son of Man.  Jesus will have dominion over all the Earth as both Man and as God.  Then Jesus, unlike the serpent, will hand over his reign to God the Father.   Like in scripture “ He did not deem equality with God as something to be grasped at”  unlike Satan.   Because of Jesus, the curse will be ended.


Yes Cup.

Are you God the Father? I mean the God over us?


Are you God the Son, Jesus, the God with us?


Are you God the  parakeet.. I mean Paraclete, the holy Spirit, the God in us?

Why yes, of course. You know that.  Why are you asking?

Then why all this fuss about handing over and all that stuff?

Some things you may never understand, but I do.  It has to do what the I/We community thing.


Speaking of understanding, I am going to show you some Physics to help you with the metaphysics.

What is metaphysics?

Metaphysics is what we have been talking about just now, how everything is.


Some people to whom I will send you on missions will need this information to help them accept Me more easily.  If you forget, I will give it to you again whenever you need it like I did for the prophets.

What profits?  I thought money was imaginary.

Prophets like Moses and Isaiah and Daniel, and Jeremiah.

Oh, ok.  Yes God.  I’m ready.

Okay, here we go.  Matter is what the “real world” is made of and energy is what makes the world work, right?

Right… I think….

Right.  Now, there was a man named Albert Einstein who figured out that matter could be turned into energy and energy could be turned into matter and he made his equation, E=mc2 or “e equals m c squared.”

That sounds like the name oof a Rap group.

I’ll ignore that for now, Cup, but to make it simple its like ice and water in a glass.  if you take out all of the water but not the ice, you can still get water from the ice.  On the other hand, if you take out all the ice but leave the water, you can still make  ice out of the water.  Right?

I guess so?…

The equation tells you the amount of energy (E)  you can get from a certain mass of matter (m). The amount of  energy is equal to that mass (m)  in kilograms times the speed of light c in meters per second times the speed of light (c)  in meters per second again.

Essentially it is E = m times c times c.  As you can see, you can get an awful lot of energy out of just a little matter.


So if you got rid of all the matter but still had energy, more matter would solidify out of that energy or if you got rid of all the energy but still had matter, some of that matter would dissolve into energy. Are you still with me on this?


…. kinda… I think.

Ok, Now the unit of energy is a joule.

A jewel?!!!

No, a joule.  stay with me here.

One joule is  one kilogram (mass or m) times  one meter ( space or length or l) times one meter again and the whole thing divided by 1 second (time or t) times 1 second again.

I hate math!

Just a little more, Cup.  You can do it.

So you see that to have ANYTHING in the “real world” you must have time  ( seconds) and space  (meters), right?

…I think so…

This  means that EVERYTHING in the “real world” is always moving in time and space.

Yeah, I heard that the universe is expanding at the speed of light, right?

Well as far as the humans can guess.


Man thinks he knows more than he really knows.  It is part of how he was broken.

I don’t know hardly anything.

Oh really?  What is the answer for the world?

Jesus… or a squirrel…. no Jesus!

Good job Cup.  Now, because everything is moving,  everything is becoming something else. NOTHING is ever still like things are in Eternity.

Eternity is  the real Real World.

You see everything in the Shadow Lands, the world of time and space is  changing.

It is either getting better or getting worse.

When you let me move things my way, they will get better every time but you may not recognize that they are getting better because you cannot see everything.  Got it?

So Nothing is still like Eternity.


Does that mean that Eternity is Nothing?

Not necessarily but that is interesting semantics.

Sem what ics?

Semantics are different ways words can be put together.  You see when you say nothing is still and Eternity is still so Eternity is Nothing, it is like saying an orange is orange and a carrot is orange so an orange is a carrot.  Its semantics and  in this case it is faulty logic.  The voice uses this all the time.  He used it on you when he tricked  you into saying you were leaking on my table.

I remember that….  that was very mean.  I’m sorry.

What are you sorry for?  Like I said when you first apologized and asked me to fill you, I have forgotten every sin you have confessed to me as if it never happened.   Cup,  you need to forget those sins too.  The price has been paid and all you need to know is how much I LOVE you.  Do you have other sins to confess?  I want to forgive them  also.  I want to do it right away before they injure you.  I/We have paid the price and it is our right to forgive any sin we want.

We want to forgive every sin because sin separates  you from us and we want you with us to share our joy.  Are you okay?

Yes God.

Can we go back to talking about physics and metaphysics?

Okay, so everything is moving and becoming something else and if it becomes still, it becomes nothing.


If you held a piece of matter still, it would just disappear.

Wouldn’t it turn into energy?

No, it would do what is called being annihilated, it would stop existing.

Who says so….. oops… I mean…

Don’t worry Cup, I know it is hard to believe.  Well of course I/We say so because Jesus, the Word of God,  made it that way, but Quantum Physics makes these claims as well.


Yes Cup.

Why does this matter…. I mean …. sorry about the pun.

That was good.  Ok, remember we were talking about Man’s Fall when he broke the rule like you did?


Well, I did not want Man… and by the way, women are a part of Man just like bulls are cows.

Bulls are cows?!!!

Oh, we’ll come back to that later.

Well, I did not want any of my creations, you or Man or others you do not know about…


Ok, cows too,

But I did not want any of my creations to stay broken after making a mistake.  If they stayed in Eternity, they would not change because Eternity is stillness.  When my creations make mistakes, I exile them from Eternity into the land of time and space to protect them until I can heal them.  I protect the gateway back to Eden, Eternity, with a powerful Angel who has a fiery rotating sword like I said in Genesis.  Some think this was the beginning of “the real world” but it was the beginning of the temporary world.

…What is a fiery rotating sword?

It is what keeps  those in the land of space and time from coming back into Eternity.  Some think of it as a  big bang or something, but it is simply the point where motion starts and Eternity touches time.

In the present right?  where I get to live with You, right?

Yes, My Eternity touches the world of time in the present.


Yes Cup.

Is that like my gift of choice, my present?



Now Jesus  is the “Alpha and the Omega.”  He is the Word that brought all the world of time into existence so he was definitely around before time.

He never began so He will never end.  He is “The Eternal”  with You/y’all, right?

Cup!   You were listening!  I am impressed!

I thought You were I AM….. Cup snickers….

Very good,  you are coming along just fine.

Thank you God.

You are Welcome.  Now, Jesus is a Man and has lived in the world of time.  He will rule the world of time because he bought it with his death and coming back to life and will exist after time is done and all again is eternity and stillness.  In fact, He has a  material body and his body is in existence in Eternity right now.  He is truly the Alpha and omega, the first and the last.  there are no firsts or lasts in Eternity, only Nows.

…but if Eternity is stillness and matter will annihilate in stillness, how can that be that his material body exists in Eternity.

Again, Cup, there are things you cannot understand but I do.

By the way Man will have bodies like that too.  You will have a material body when you are in Eternity as well.

I don’t get it .

You are still in the Present and therefore in My Presence but still in time so you can do missions for Me.   Don’t worry Cup,  that’s enough for today.  Tomorrow you have your next mission.




Ideas for chapter 5


Well Cup, are you ready for your next mission.  Its a doozie.  Listen carefully.  I will say this only once.


Listen carefu…. CUP!

What’s a doozie?

It means that it will be a complicated and interesting case for you.  I really should  give you a lesson in slang… but for now, Holy Grail, your mission is to bring my Grace to an intellectual.

What’s an inte…..inter ritual…inte lecturer… what.

Intellectuals are people, often smart people, who either like to think or like to think they know more than they usually do.  Some realize this trap and keep open to new ideas but many fall into the trap set by the Voice.  I am going to have to make you a prophet so that you two will be able to communicate.

Your gonna make a profit?

No, a prophet, one of my mouthpieces that I use to communicate with humanity, like Moses, Isiah or Jeremiah.  I will be with you every step, like always, but I will put words into your mouth.  Do not worry about what to say, just repeat what I tell you.

You betcha.  Will you fill me up and I am ready to go.

Wait a minute.  I want to tell you about  your mission.

This is a person has been tricked by the Voice into believing that I do not exist because I cannot be seen and “seeing is believing” .

But even I know that is not true.  He must not be very smart.

On the contrary, he is too smart and even thinks he is smarter than he actually is.  That is the trap.  He is a doctor and owns his own business and the government has told him that everything is his fault if anything goes wrong because he is a doctor and is in charge.

How can the government say that?  You are in charge.

The government is under the control of the voice and his 3 lies.

But you bought back the world.

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