We Are

Gorman Medical Clinic

Where we use Eastern Medicine along with Western Medicine to CARE for everyone from pediatrics to geriatrics. Most insurances accepted and acupuncture without needles is available.
Gorman Medical Clinic
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Our goal is to make it so that you don't need us.... but we'll be here if you do.

The Sayings We Live By

My Boss can do anything.
You may know my Boss. He is Jewish and walks on water.
When a little kid helps you do something, it takes twice as long. Now I know what God thinks about doctors.
Cyanide is also natural and organic.
Half of your diet should be fruits and vegetables
Don't drink sodas... especially DIET sodas.

Here When You Need Us.

Phone Contacts

Phone: 254-734-4254
Fax: 254-734-4355

Mailing Address

PO Box 417
Gorman, TX 76454


115 South Kent
Gorman, TX 76454

Directions to the Clinic

Gorman is on TX Hwy.6 — about 19 miles southeast of I-20, Exit 340. The clinic is about four blocks southwest of the blinking traffic light on Hwy. 6.