<<  The list is a bit technical and intended for professionals and research oriented patients.  >>

Genesen magnetic treatment (acupuncture without needles)

The Genesen magnets are very strong magnets amplified using what seems to be wave-guide technology. They were developed by Dr. Chi Kyung Kim in Korea and Dr. Dan originally bought his first Genesen magnets to prove that it did not work. … He was wrong. It works wonderfully and he now uses it extensively.

Laser acupuncture and laser therapy

Lasers have many healing qualities including wound care.  Recently Dr. Dan's Picasso laser therapy helped heal three wounds on one patient's leg back to 90% healthy skin — in 28 days — after the patient had tried all other therapies for over 2 years.  Dr. Dan can't explain it just yet — but the results are consistent.

Auricular medicine

Auricular medicine was developed in the 20th century by a group of physicians that was lead by Dr. Paul Nogier and Dr. Rene Bourdiol, MD, in France, and Frank Bahr, MD in Germany. Dr Dan has taken many courses in this technique from the several different, and often conflicting groups that use this type medicine including naturopaths, allopaths, and applied kinesiology practitioners. As is his habit, he has combined these perspectives to incorporate the best into his practice.

Battle Field Acupuncture

Dr. Richard Niemtzow developed Battle Field Acupuncture while he was on active duty with the United States Air Force. It is a modification of the Chinese ear acupuncture micro system and has been helping our troops extensively. Dr. Niemtzow has been so generous to freely share this modality with us all around the world.

Percutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

Percutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation was developed by Bill Craig out of University of Texas Southwestern medical school and involves electrical stimulation of sympathetic nerve ganglion at affected dermatonal levels to release endorphins or catecholamines.

Piezoelectric Crystal Stimulation Therapy

A piezoelectric crystal is similar to what is used in an electric guitar pick up to change vibration into electricity. This apparatus works well to decrease micro-spasms in defined muscle groups and increases the flow of chi and the rate of healing.

Anodyne therapy

Anodyne is a revolutionary therapy used by sports medicine physicians, Navy Seal Teams and wound care physicians. Again, Dr. Dan started to try this technique to prove that it did not work and was again proved wrong. This therapy is especially helpful with nerve problems like neuropathy and accelerates wound healing. It appears to work on the nitric oxide receptors in the blood vessels that are stimulated by the light at a wavelength of around 920nm as shown in invitro labs.


Iontophoresis is very useful with various tendon problems and involves the application of medicines through the skin using electrical currents via pads.


Cupping is an ancient art supported by modern principles. Suction at the surface of the skin disperses lactic acid built up by chronic spasms. Lactic acid is what makes your muscles feel stiff and sore the day after you exercise. This modality often but not always causes marks that look like hickies.

Limited homeopathic, herbal, botanical and home remedies

Homeopathic medicine works like vaccinations. Small amounts of the offending substance or something similar is diluted and then ingested to fortify the body’s own protective response.

Ahsi, myofascial acupuncture and trigger point therapy

Ahshi, myofascial acupuncture, and trigger point therapy are very closely related in that they help regulate motor points when they get inflamed. Dr. Chan Gunn developed his form of the myofascial acupuncture, and Dr Travell developed trigger point therapy. They are very useful.

Distinct meridian therapy

Distinct meridians go directly to the targeted organs to counter imbalances.


Osteopuncture stimulates the periosteum electrically to decrease inflammation and increase osteoclast and osteoblast mediated reformation of bone as has been shown in invitro studies repeatedly.

Curious meridian therapy

Curious meridians tap into the deep stores of energy our body uses to overcome crisis. This acupuncture is helpful with long standing illness and deep-seated problems. It is related to the "ID" treatments that Dr. Dan's patients like so much.

Inverse/contrary acupuncture

Inverse/ contrary is very helpful with deep and ambiguous inflammatory processes and has quite a bit in common with 5 element command point therapy and with Aeromedical acupuncture

Five Element Acupuncture

Five Element Acupuncture: This acupuncture took Dr. Dan the longest to learn…he started studying this form in 5th grade and, as a physician has taken numerous courses. The last one lasted a year and a half. Five Element Acupuncture has borrowed many ancient techniques, is very intricate and poetic, but it follows the paradigm of the life cycle. It can be related to the stages of a wave in the ocean or the stages of a tree throughout the year. The five elements flow one into the other as life completes its dance. Particularly useful in 5 element acupuncture is the ability to diagnose electrical blockages between connected meridians using the 12 pulse positions and then to quickly remove those blockages.

Dr. Dan is continually searching for new modalities to add to this list.

He likes to say "If all you have is a hammer —  everything looks like a nail".  Dr. Dan carries many different tools in his tool belt.  You will rarely see him when he isn't wearing it.

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